call tracking

potentiate |pə(ʊ)ˈtɛnʃɪeɪt|

verb [ trans. ] technical

increase the power, effect, or likelihood of something:
the data appears instantly and is no longer simply a confusing mass of numbers.

ORIGIN: early 19th cent.: from potent , on the pattern of substantiate.

USAGE: 21st century marketing technology innovator with the power to transform your data instantly.

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What is Call Tracking?

Intelligent call tracking software solutions can deliver killer benefits for marketers and their businesses.

If you are investing money in both your website and online or offline campaigns with the aim of generating phone inquiries and sales, call tracking provides a vital missing link, helping you to determine which online and marketing actions are delivering top returns.

Savvy marketers are leveraging call tracking to gain a complete overview of their user experience, capturing information on calls generated through both online and offline sources. It provides your business with valuable data that has previously been frustratingly hard to get for business and marketing managers, agencies, digital marketers and SEO/SEM specialists.

Call tracking provides you with a sophisticated way of analysing all marketing activity that results in offline conversions, enabling you to identify in real-time your most successful marketing initiatives. It provides accurate, tailored information on who has called you, which marketing activity generated that customer call, the specific product or service they called about, the keywords used to search for your services and online browsing behaviour leading to a call.

Call tracking takes the guesswork out of budgeting, as you clearly identify which initiatives are delivering leads and conversions, from online advertising, email campaigns and onsite promotions to offline print or broadcasting advertisements, direct marketing and promotions. Your available marketing budgets can be efficiently spent on initiatives which convert most strongly to sales.

What are the benefits of call tracking for my business?

Local and toll-free numbers that can be tracked geographically are popular with businesses that receive location-specific calls. Both local and international businesses can use call tracking to monitor customer calls on a local, regional or national basis – or all of these options.

Optimise your online PPC advertising and website content with keywords that convert well both online and by phone. Know which offline campaigns generate the most calls and sales.

Track online behaviour that converts to inquiries and sales, identifying the sources of calls from activity including inbound content marketing, organic and paid search activity, individual website pages, promotional landing pages and other referral sources. Provide call operators with knowledge about their caller so they can tailor the message and improve the customer experience – delivering higher conversions and customer loyalty.

Equip marketers with the information you need to evaluate the impact of initiatives offline through inbound calls. View calls against clicks from Google Adwords campaigns within Google Analytics. Compare call data against online conversion information and quickly identify which pay per click (PPC) keywords are converting into phone calls and which keywords are not delivering.

Integrating tracking analytics with your marketing automation systems gives you additional data to analyse and act on, providing customers with the customised information they are seeking. Measure and compare marketing activities and assign budgets and resources where they deliver best results. Plan ahead with a clear understanding of how your online campaigns are performing, what sales were generated and what future spend will be required.