potentiate |pə(ʊ)ˈtɛnʃɪeɪt|

verb [ trans. ] technical

increase the power, effect, or likelihood of something:
the data appears instantly and is no longer simply a confusing mass of numbers.

ORIGIN: early 19th cent.: from potent , on the pattern of substantiate.

USAGE: 21st century marketing technology innovator with the power to transform your data instantly.

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Products and services

Communicating Consumer Data


Knowledge Management Applications are secure, online platforms for sharing critical performance information. KMAPPS can bring together data from a range of sources in virtually any format, and it offers access controls for different security levels inside and outside an organization.


Our sophisticated data management system has the ability to issue live results 24/7. With L.I.V.E. (Live, Interactive, Visually Engaging), decision makers get access to critical information without having to wait for lengthy research reports, PowerPoint presentations or complex spreadsheets to be compiled. Problems can be quickly identified, leaving research departments to focus on in-depth analysis and strategy. Advertisers can dynamically intervene in ad campaigns to counteract a competitor or take advantage of an opportunity.

Hot Alerts: The Potentiate systems can send text or email alerts to key stakeholders within seconds of a negative comment to prevent problems from escalating.