potentiate |pə(ʊ)ˈtɛnʃɪeɪt|

verb [ trans. ] technical

increase the power, effect, or likelihood of something:
the data appears instantly and is no longer simply a confusing mass of numbers.

ORIGIN: early 19th cent.: from potent , on the pattern of substantiate.

USAGE: 21st century marketing technology innovator with the power to transform your data instantly.

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About Us

Potentiate Japan is a survey and marketing information technology company with offices in Tokyo and Osaka. We combine over a decade’s experience in Japan with the world’s most advanced technology to bring you closer to your customers.

We can help you collect, analyse and communicate consumer data through a range of software products and feedback systems, enabling you to make effective decisions that raise productivity at all levels within your organization

Potentiate Japan KK

KDX Nogizaka Bldg. 4F
Roppongi 7-2-29
Minato-ku, Tokyo-to 106-0032
Established: June 29, 2010
Representative Director: Dominic Carter
Capitalisation: JPY 40,000,000
Specialisation: Development and sales of software and related systems for market research, customer feedback and enhanced marketing.
Main shareholders: CarterJMRN KK.
Dominic Carter
Potentiate Pty Ltd
Main Bank: Mizuho Bank, Ltd.